About us

We work in respectful co-operation with local partners to protect and, where necessary, restore tropical forests in areas with extremely high biodiversity. Our focus is on creating reserves and connecting large areas of forest to safeguard green infrastructure. Most of the forests we preserve are primary forests that have never been cut. Some are also secondary, recovering forests. Common to all are the threats of logging, agriculture and plantations.

An additional part of Rädda Regnskog is our support of local sustainable development. In collaboration with our partners, we deal with the underlying causes of deforestation by conducting activities: facilitating environmental education, developing sustainable agroforestry practices and engaging in ecotourism. We also cooperate with research institutions.

Our funds come from private donations and from companies that either donate themselves, or invite customers to donate to encourage their corporate sustainability work.

1. Cambugan watershed, Ecuador.    2. Children planting trees.